Ryan Orewiler is a Columbus College of Art and Design graduate who was raised in German Village- Columbus, Ohio.  His work is included in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the world. Several works have been published in magazines. Currently he is represented by numerous galleries in Columbus, Ohio and Chicago.

“Orewiler’s paintings stem from his own photos, ambitious and fresh. The artist is not afraid to use bright industrial colors. His large city scenes, often complex, form a panoramic whole while the eye travels from section to section. ” Elizabeth Ann James

“From an early age, Columbus artist Ryan Orewiler has been fascinated with the images and unique characteristics of cities. He has drawn, sketched and painted hundreds of cityscapes – focusing on architecture, use of public space, streets, modes of transportation, individuals and groups of people within a city environment). He recently began a new movement in his cityscape series by changing from a traditional perspective to an aerial perspective (overhead view) of cities. This new direction also includes experimentation with color and level of abstraction to further intensify viewer engagement. The juxtaposition of his previous cityscapes with his current aerial cityscapes is thought-provoking, and demonstrates one artist’s commitment to more thoroughly understand and represent subject matter for which he has a life-long passion. Though he has developed a wide body of other artworks and themes, I think the evolution and variety of Ryan’s cityscapes powerfully presents artistic thinking that has developed over time.”

Jeanie Auseon – Artist/ Art Educator

Coming from a family of artists and craftsmen, at age six Orewiler created his first cityscape “New York”.


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