German Village Art League introduces The GVAL Brick!


As you may know, public funding is difficult to attain with cuts to the arts and art organizations. The German Village Art League, a mere two years old has created a new fundraising campaign, The GVAL Brick!

Donations from friends like you allow us to begin building a foundation towards a legacy of growth and stability. Your donation will support high quality exhibitions, fine programming, GVAL artists and arts advocacy in German Village and beyond.

The GVAL Brick

German Village, a historic and cherished neighborhood, with its brick streets, brick houses and sidewalks, lends itself perfectly to the art league’ s first fundraising effort – The GVAL Brick, a nostalgic reference of our neighborhood.

Are they real bricks? Commemorative faux bricks are handmade from foam and painted realistic to resemble an iconic historic brick. Weighing less than an ounce, each GVAL Brick is unique. Either the GVAL logo or German Village Art League’s name silkscreened on each in various colors and styles. The GVAL Brick can be displayed in almost any setting in your home, office, or business.

For a small donation, you will receive a GVAL Brick, one of the building blocks in GVAL’s strong foundation and future legacy.

German Village Art League Brick

Fundraiser - German Village Art League Brick


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