La Serie blu on display @ What the Rock?! (1194 N High St.) February 6th – March 4th.

La Serie Blu: Bold monochromes from German Village Artist Ryan Orewiler

Ryan Orewiler, founder of the German Village Art League, has painted cityscapes, portraits, and abstractions – as well as ventured into work that blurs the lines between the three genres. His works have been featured in collections throughout the country. Finding principle inspiration in the urban areas of Columbus, Orewiler has also traveled abroad, visiting cities such as Jakarta, Paris, Florence, Berlin, Bali, and Singapore. He received a B.F.A. from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Illustration and is a member of the Oil Painters of America, and Landscape Artists International. His paintings are currently featured in collections at The Elevator, the Press Grill, and the Old Mohawk Tavern, and he has also recently shown at the Marcia Evans Gallery, but now he is exploring new spaces, for a new series of works.

“The Blu Series is inspired by the way that we see and experience the contemporary world today,” wrote Orewiler in an e-mail, of the series which features the above painting. “Images, places, and people run together emotionally and visually – gathered from places that we visit both in real time and through all forms of interaction. These experiences are layered with our own interpersonal worlds.”

His La Serie Blu will be hanging in the Short North’s What the Rock?! boutique throughout February, with the show opening during Gallery Hop on February 6th.

“I would like to thank Cyrus Fire (artist/curator) and What the Rock?! for giving me the opportunity to exhibit this collection.”

– DS Lewis- 614 magazine, Columbu, OH


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