New Commision from a Private Collector- abstract expressionism

Recently I have been commissioned to paint an abstract landscape 30″ x 48″ using chocolate-brown, tan, cream, sand, yellow ochre, and purple.  This commission is one of many private and corporate commissions I have created.  I am inspired by numerous current and past artists like Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Monet, VVG, Marie-Danielle Leblanc(modern), Teda Theis(modern), Juan Carrera(modern) and Teresa Weidenbusch(modern).

My work originally illustrates my travels and adventures to other cities around the world. I have always used a brush.  This time Im using sticks, drips and pallet knifes.

Technique/ Approach

I begin 4 paintings on panel so that the collector has a choice to enable passion and inspiration.  Each work is created on the floor to insure the thick paint to not drip down the piece. I begin each work by adding a base color and texture using acrylic.  The subtle shapes and textures combine to create a composition that I mold and form a design. My main objective with most of my work is to create depth.  This time I use the same concept.  While scrapping the paint throughout each piece. The cream and tan is used for the sky and the purple and browns are painted into the land.  In the end, each piece was a stepping stone to the next level.  Maybe I will combine this concept and approach with my cityscapes.


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