Urban Reflections Nov. 7th-Dec. 20th 2009

at Marcia Evans Gallery
8 E. Lincoln
Columbus, Ohio
(open to the public)

Urban Reflections is Orewiler’s first solo exhibition at Marcia Evans Gallery and in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio. This series includes over 20 new mixed media paintings created in 2009 from his travel’s In this exhibition you will view paintings of Columbus, New York, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Berlin and Chicago.

This Week News Oct. 28, 2009
Painter Focuses on Cityscape
by David Cross
click here

Urban Reflections
Artist Statement

“The city has always been my muse. The overall quality within each city has its own source of uniqueness. The energy, the cars, the people, the layering of buildings, the noise and smell of each city makes them distinct. In these new works I layer images, maps and foreign writing within each painting. Aside from previous cityscape’s I have painted, The Urban Reflection series was intended to be more raw.” Orewiler


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