En Plein Air- Red Geranium


En Plein Air- Red Geranium

German Village Art League and German Village Society present
Ehren undserer Blume (Honoring Our Flower in German)
June 28th, 2009

Honoring the German Village flower (Red Geranium) and the Haus & Garten Tour’s 50th year.

Ehren undserer Blume Application -download here

Date: June 28th, 2009
Where: (2 locations)
1- “Ehren undserer Blume” German Village Meeting Haus during the 50th Haus & Garten Tour
June 28th, 2009

2- On site GVAL artists working, Kight Studio, 551 S. Fifth St. from 9:00am- noon along with the
“Farmers Market”.

red geranium geranium2

Image left: “Montreal #3″ 10″ 13” digital photograph by Ryan Orewiler

Image right: “Red Geraniums”25″x25” oil painitng by Megan Mosholder


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